Flip the Bird by Peaks Apparel is our way to offer you a different type of Club experience. We wanted to make it inclusive and without requirements or restrictions on anyone. We were so excited we went out and acquired FlipTheBird.com too.  

To Flip the Bird with us, you must:

  • Have a pulse.
  • Have a good time

Really, that's it. And if you aren't happy, we'll continue with the Flip the Bird double entendres until you smile.

Seriously. “We'll take you if you're young. We'll take you if you're old. We'll take you if you're timid, we'll take you if you're bold. You can be quite skinny, or have a bit of fluff. Men and women and children, all are good enough.” --Dr. Seuss' Brother Steve

Don't want to be voluntold for grunt work at every upcoming event? Dude. We get it.

Worried about balancing our group with what your local or national team requires? Chill. This Flock won't cause test anxiety.

You want rockin' apparel you'll be psyched to show off and wear? Cool. We've got that.

Did we mention we play well with others?

We know you might be on a bunch of teams and required to wear the team kit for some or all of your races. That's cool. You can take part in any other team, group or ambassador program you want to and still be a part of the Flip the Bird Flock. We're chill around here: we care way more that you'll have fun and love our products than restricting you with a billion senseless rules. Speaking of...

But seriously...you don't have to Tweet, post, or create stories for the 'Gram seventeen times a day during race season just to help us Flip the Bird. You don't even have to have an account or a billion real or fake followers to join in the fun. We'd rather you truly love the experience and gear we send you and post about it on your own because you want to.

Flip the Bird is perfect for:

  • Beginners who are just learning the ropes and have already achieved an enormous victory over self-doubt to jump in
  • Athena and Clydesdale athletes who make a 110% effort every single time
  • Elite athletes who will work their Watts and FTP into every convo and are just in it for the kickass gear and discounts
  • Slow middle-aged folks who love posting their racing prowess to all 32 of their social media followers before carb loading with donuts
  • Four-year-old newbies whose torsos run 10 seconds faster than their legs (just tell them you're waving at birdies; they'll learn more about flipping the bird at school)

To recap, our offer is simple. Join our flock and Flip the Bird to the rest of the competition and in return, you'll enjoy:

  • Flip the Bird starter swag bag which includes a members only race kit, trucker hat, t-shirt and socks.
  • Deep discounts on cycling, swim and run gear, which you won't ever be pressured to buy or sell to others.
  • Zero obligations to hawk us to your followers or work for us at events. Your recommendations are your choice to make.
  • Private group page to get to know each other and build your own flocks to meetup and hang at events.
  • Group only discounts from business alliances we have partnered up with just for you. This list is still growing but we can say you will be able to buy a lot of useful shit for a lot less than you can get anywhere else.

Ready to get started?

We thought you'd never ask! Just fill out the simple form below if you're interested in joining our Flock and we will direct you to where you can complete your addition as we prepare the nest for your arrival. Get your typing fingers ready. It's time to Flip the Bird.